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Harmony cannot exist in the same space as chaos or disharmony

 It is your Divine right to live and experience life with comfort, joy, and grace & ease. We do not have to struggle and suffer along the path of life. Vibrant health and feeling good in our bodies does not have to come with an outrageous cost or the denial of the things that we enjoy.


Healing Hands
Unpleasant things sometimes happen in life ~ how we respond to them is our choice.

What makes the car engine start when you turn on the key?

“The Battery of the car.” The battery is the necessary energy for the various functions of the car.

What makes the body function?

“The Battery of Life.” Source energy is necessary for the various functions of the body.

In order to maintain optimum performance they both need re-charging and cleaning from time to time.

Our hands are our jumper cables.


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For those who are new to energy work or vibrational healing
you may find these two documents helpful:

*Energy Body        *Vibrations


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